Jeremy James Kenneth Turcotte was born September 18th, 1989, in the Hintonburg neighbourhood of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, and after living on a farm outside Campbell’s Bay, Quebec, he grew up in Arnprior, Ontario. He spent time studying at Trent University in Peterborough and Carleton University in Ottawa before getting a diploma in print journalism from Algonquin College, a trades school in Ottawa.

Jeremy’s work was published in the Ottawa Citizen and the Arnprior Chronicle-Guide; he then moved to Fort Smith, NWT, and worked for the Northern Journal until it closed in 2016. He now lives in Yellowknife with his cat, Walstreet, and works in an office.



  1. Yohannan Èvangèliste

    You’ve listed several peerages as extinct when they are dormant; there is a major difference.
    Extinct allows them to be resurrected for new holders.
    Dormant, requires they be held for a claimant to come forth such as the Earldom of Oxford and a great number of others. Just curious why you, who obviously know this didn’t differentiate them?
    Thank you and best regards,

  2. d-ford@shaw.ca

    Just a niggle. Frank Shutt, one of the dominion chemists at the experimental farm, did not spell his name with a c. I know the name sounds germanic, but it is actually at least 1000 years old in Yorkshire. I am his gg nephew.

    I visited Fort Smith once while working for Northern Transportation. Amazing wildlife in the park.

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