Better know a Canadian institution: the Port Authorities of Canada

In 1936 the government passed the National Harbours Board Act, establishing a national board of control over Canadian ports in the newly-organized Department of Transport. (Ports had previously been administered on a local basis by officials in the Department of Marine and Fisheries.)

The Chairmen of the National Harbours Board were:

Ralph Osborne Caampney, 1936-40.
Robert Knowlton Smith, 1940-55.
Bennett John Roberts, 1955-58.
Maurice-Georges Archer, 1958-62.
Howard Alan Mann, 1962-71.
Delmer Edgar Taylor, 1971-76.
Pierre A. H. Franche, 1976-83.

In 1983, the National Harbours Board Act was repealed and the National Harbours Board was replaced by the Ports Corporation Act with a Crown Corporation, the Canada Ports Corporation, which allowed for greater decentralization in controlling the ports.

The Presidents of the Canada Ports Corporation were:

Jacques Auger, 1983-85.
Denis de Belleval, 1985-87.
Jean-Michel Tessier, 1987-96.
Donald N. Morrison (acting), 1996-97.
Neil McNeil, 1997-98.

The Chairmen of the Board of Directors of the Canada Ports Corporation were:

Ian Stott, 1983-85.
The Hon. Arthur Ronald Huntington, 1985-90.
Patrick W. A. Reid, 1990-92.
Arnold E. Masters, 1992-97.
Carole Taylor, 1997-98.

In 1998 the government passed the Canada Marine Act, dissolving the Canada Ports Corporation and replacing it with 19 new Port Authorities, each a Crown Corporation controlling a major port: Belledune, NB; Chicoutimi, QC; Halifax, NS; Hamilton, ON; Montreal, QC; Nanaimo, BC; New Westminster, BC; Port Alberni, BC; Prince Rupert, BC; Quebec City, QC; Richmond, BC; Saint John, NB; Sept-Îles, QC; St. John’s, NL; Thunder Bay, ON; Toronto, ON; Trois-Rivières, QC; Vancouver, BC; and Windsor, ON.

In 2008, the Vancouver Port Authority, the Fraser River Port Authority in New Westminster and the North Fraser Port Authority in Richmond amalgamated to become the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority. In 2012, the harbour commission of Oshawa, ON, was elevated to a full Port Authority under this scheme.


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    A little background on the oldest Federal Police Force in Canada and their Police Chief’s would not hurt.

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