Better know a Canadian functionary: the President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Parliament passed the Atomic Energy Control Act in 1946 to oversee safety regulations for Canada’s nuclear power plants, laboratories, and weapons programs (which wound up never happening). This power was vested in a 5-person Atomic Energy Control Board, headed by a president. This setup existed until the Nuclear Safety and Control act was passed in 1997, replacing the AECB with a 7-member Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission in 2000, which exists to this day.

The presidents of the AECB and the CNSB have been:

The Hon. Gen. Andrew George Latta McNaughton CH CB CMG DSO CD PC, 1946-48.
Chalmers Jack Mackenzie CC CMG MC FRS FRSC, 1948-61.
George Craig Laurence, 1961-70.
Donald Geoffrey Hurst, 1970-74.
Alan T. Prince, 1975-78.
Jon H. Jennekens OC, 1978-87.
René J.A. Lévesque OC, 1987-93.
Agnes J. Bishop, 1994-2001.
Linda J. Keen, 2001-08.
Michael Binder, 2008-now.


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