Better know a Canadian institution: the Standards Council of Canada

The Standards Council of Canada is a Crown Corporation reporting to the Minister of Industry. It was founded in 1970 to encourage Canadian industry to voluntarily conform to various types of national and international standardization in their businesses in order to improve their productivity and ability to sell to the export market.

The head of the Standards Council was called President before 1996 and Chair since 1996. They have been:

Jean-Claude Lessard, 1970-71.
Jean-Paul Carrière, 1971-77.
George Willington Lord, 1978-80.
Jean Robert Roy, 1981-84.
Georges Archer, 1984-94.
Richard Lafontaine, 1994-98.
Linda Anne Lusby, 1998-2002.
Hugh A. Krentz, 2002-13.
Kathy Milson, 2013-now.


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