Better know a Canadian functionary: the Chairman of the Canadian Grain Commission

In 1912, the government of Sir Robert Borden set up the Board of Grain Commissioners for Canada, headed by a Chief Commissioner, to regulate the standards and quality controls of the grain industry in Canada. The Canada Grain Act of 1971 replaced the BGCC with the Canadian Grain Commission and its Chief Commissioner with a Chairman. The headquarters of the Canadian Grain Commission are in Winnipeg.

The Chief Commissioners of the Board of Grain Commissioners for Canada were:

Robert Magill, 1912-29.
E.B. Ramsay, 1929-41.
Donald Gordon McKenzie, 1942-56.
Roy Wilfred Milner, 1956-61.
George Newton McConnell, 1961-62.
Frank Fletcher Hamilton, 1962-70.

The Chairmen of the Canadian Grain Commission have been:

Harold Delmar Pound, 1971-85.
George Gordon Leith, 1986-89.
Milton E. Wakefield, 1990-97.
Barry Senft, 1997-2002.
Chris Hamblin, 2002-08.
Elwin Hermanson, 2008-now.

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