Better know a Canadian institution: The Fisheries Research Board of Canada

The Fisheries Research Board of Canada was established in 1898 as a branch of the Department of Marine and Fisheries to conduct research into marine biology. It was originally known as the Board of Management, changing its name to the Biological Research Board in 1912 and the Fisheries Research Board in 1937.

The FRBC established research stations at Nanaimo, on the Pacific coast, and on the Atlantic coast at St. Andrew’s, New Brunswick, in 1908.

Much of the FRBC’s research was taken over by the Bedford Institute of Oceanography when it was founded in 1962. The FRBC was effectively dismantled when the Department of the Environment took over its staff and facilities in 1973, despite not being formally dissolved until 1979.

The Chairman of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada were:

Dr. Edward Ernest Prince, 1898-1921.
Dr. A.P. Knight, 1921-25.
Dr. James Playfair McMurrich, 1926-34.
Dr. Alexander Thomas Cameron CMG, 1934-47.
Dr. G.B. Reed and Dr. J.R. Dymond (co-chairs), 1947-53.
Dr. John L. Kask, 1953-63.
W.E. Ricker, 1963-64 (acting)
Dr. Frederick Ronald Hayes, 1964-69.
Dr. John Robert Weir, 1969-73.


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