Better know a Canadian functionary: the Judge Advocate General of Canada

The Judge Advocate General is the officer in the Canadian Forces in charge of all the military’s legal affairs, and a member of the Armed Forces Council. Despite the name, the Judge Advocate General (JAG) isn’t a judge; he (or she) is more like an Attorney-General. The Canadian Army has had a JAG since 1911.

The Judge Advocates General of Canada have been:

Maj.-Gen. Henry Smith, 1911-1918.
Lt.-Col. Oliver Mowat Biggar, 1918-1920.
Brig. Reginald John Orde, 1920-1950.
Brig.-Gen. William J. Lawson, 1950-1969.
Brig.-Gen. Harold A. McLearn,1969-1972.
Brig.-Gen. James M. Simpson, 1972-1976.
Maj.-Gen. John Patterson Wolfe, 1976-1982.
Brig.-Gen. Frank Karwandy, 1982-1986.
Brig.-Gen. Robert L. Martin, 1986-1990.
Cmdre. Peter R. Partner, 1990-1993.
Brig.-Gen. Pierre G. Boutet, 1993-1998.
Brig.-Gen. Jerry S.T. Pitzul, 1998-2006.
Brig.-Gen. Ken Watkin, 2006-2010.
Maj.-Gen. B. Blaise Cathcart, 2010-now.

For more information on JAGs and the JAG system, watch the TV show JAG.


One comment

  1. Col (Ret'd) R. A. McDonald

    It was interesting to see the list of the Canadian Judge Advocates General on your site. As a minor point, Lieutenant-Colonel Biggar was promoted to full Colonel on April 23, 1919 and held that rank when he relinquished the position of Judge Advocate General to become Canada’s first Chief Electoral Officer in 1920. (General Order No. 25, June,1919.)

    You obviously enjoy recording the history of Canada’s Institutions. Keep up the good work!

    Art McDonald

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