Better know a Canadian functionary: the Surgeon General of Canada

The Surgeon-General of Canada is the commander of the medical services of the Canadian Forces, and was first appointed to accompany the Canadian Permanent Militia to the North-West Rebellion of 1885. Since 1952 the Surgeon-General is also appointed to the Royal Medical Household and carries the title of Queen’s Household Physician (QHP) or Queen’s Household Surgeon (QHS).

The Surgeon-Generals of Canada have been:

Col. Darby Bergin MD, 1885-98.
Col. John Louis Hubert Neilson, 1898-1903.
Maj.-Gen. Sir Marie-Joseph-Eugène Fiset KCMG DSO ED GGHS MD MS, 1903-06.
Maj.-Gen. Guy Carleton Jones CMG KGStJ, 1906-17.
Maj.-Gen. John Taylor Fotheringham CMG MD EsqStJ, 1917-20.
Maj.-Gen. Gilbert LaFayette Foster CB, 1920-21.
Col. J.W. Bridges CBE, 1921-25.
Col. H.M. Jacques DSO, 1925-30.
Col. J.T. Clarke CBE, 1930-33.
Col. A.E. Snell CMG DSO, 1933-36.
Col. J.L. Potter, 1936-39.
Brig. Raymond Myers Gorssline DSO MB DPH CStJ, 1939-42.
Maj.-Gen. George Brock Chisolm CC CBE MC ED, 1942-45.
Maj.-Gen. Charles Philip Fenwick CB CBE MC ED, 1945-46.
Brig. C.S. Thompson OBE ED, 1946-47.
Brig. W.L. Coke OBE CD, 1947-52.
Maj.-Gen. Kenneth A. Hunter OBE CD QHP MD (1st time), 1952-56.
Brig. Stanley Gerald Umphrey Shier OBE CD QHP, 1956-58.
Brig. Pierre Tremblay OBE CD QHP, 1958-59.
Maj.-Gen. Kenneth A. Hunter OBE CD QHP MD (2nd time), 1959-60.
Surgeon Rear-Adm. Timothy Blair McLean CD CStJ QHS MD, 1960-64.
Surgeon Rear-Adm. Walter John Elliot CD QHS MD CM, 1964-68.
Maj.-Gen. D.G.M. Nelson CD CStJ QHS MD DPH FACPM, 1968-70.
Maj.-Gen. John Wilmer Browning Barr CMM CD KStJ QHP MD CM DHA, 1970-73.
Rear-Adm. Richard Howell Roberts CD QHP MD FRCPC FACP, 1973-76.
Maj.-Gen. Wilson G. Leach CMM CD QHP BA MD, 1976-80.
Maj.-Gen. Victor A. McPherson CD QHS BA MD FRCSC, 1980-82.
Maj.-Gen. Robert Dupuis CMM CD QHP BA MD CSPQ FRCPC, 1982-85.
Maj.-Gen. Robert W. Fassold CD QHP BSc MD, 1985-88.
Rear-Adm. Charles Joseph Knight CMM CD QHP BA MD, 1988-90.
Maj.-Gen. Jean J. Benoit CD QHP MD FRCPC, 1990-92.
Maj.-Gen. Pierre Morriset CMM CD QHP MDMHA, 1992-94.
Maj.-Gen. Wendy A. Clay CMM CD QHP MD MHSc, 1994-98.
Brig.-Gen.  Claude Auger CD QHS MD FRCSC, 1998-2000.
Col. Scott M. Cameron OMM CD QHP MD, 2000-04.
Brig.-Gen. Hilary F. Jaeger OMM MSM CD QHP BSc MD, 2004-09.
Cmdre. Hans W. Jung OMM CD OStJ QHP MD MA, 2009-12.
Brig.-Gen.  Jean-Robert Bernier OMM CD QHP BA MD MPH DEH FRCPC(hon), 2012-now.

Between 1940 and 1959 the Surgeon General was also both the Director General of the Joint Medical Services and the Director General of the Army Medical Services. There were separate medical directors for the Navy and Air Force.

The Directors General of the Royal Canadian Navy Medical Services were:

Surgeon Cmdre. Archibald McCallum OBE VRD AdC MD, 1940-52.
Surgeon Cmdre. Eric Hammond Lee CStJ QHP MD, 1952-58.
Surgeon Cmdre. Timothy Blair McLean QHP MD, 1958-59.

The Directors General of the Royal Canadian Air Force Medical Services were:

Air Cmdre. Raymond William Ryan RAF, 1940-43.
Air Cmdre. James Winfred Tice CFB ED, 1943-46.
Air Cmdre. Alexander Andrew Gordon Corbet ED CD QHP, 1946-59.


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