Better know a Canadian functionary: the Dominion Sculptor

In 1936, the Department of Public Works hired on a full-time Dominion Sculptor to finish the enormous task of covering nearly every surface of the Parliament buildings with intricate designs of cultural, historical or scientific relevance to Canada. Work stopped during World War II, but restarted in 1947 and continues to this day.

In 1993, the name of the position was officially changed to Federal Government Sculptor, but the old title of Dominion Sculptor is still in widespread use, even in official federal communications. At various times, the post has had a number of other names in governmental publications, including “Dominion Stone Carver” and “Parliamentary Sculptor”.

The Dominion Sculptors of Canada have been:

Cléophas Soucy, 1936-49.
William Frederick Karel Oosterhoff, 1949-62.
Rose Eleanor Milne CM, 1962-93.
Maurice Joanisse, 1993-2006.
Phil R. White, 2006-now.


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