Better know a Canadian functionary: the Commissioner of Correctional Services Canada

Canada’s federal prison system started in 1868, when the federal government took over Kingston Penitentiary and the prisons at Halifax and Saint John. They were controlled by a Board of Directors until 1874, when the Board was replaced by a single Inspector of Penitentiaries. The Inspector was changed to a Superintendent in 1919, then to a Commissioner in 1947. In 1978, the Canadian Penitentiary Service took responsibility for the Parole Board of Canada and was renamed Correctional Services Canada.

Prisons were the responsibility of the Department of Justice until 1966, when they moved to the Department of the Solicitor-General, which was renamed the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness in 2003.

The Inspectors/Superintendents/Commissioners of Penitentiaries of Canada and Commissioners of Correctional Services Canada have been:

James George Moylan, 1874-95.
Douglas Stewart, 1895-1913.
Brig.-Gen. William St. Pierre Hughes DSO VD, 1913-32.
H.C. Fatt, 1932 (acting)
Maj.-Gen. Daniel Mawat Ormond CMG DSO MC, 1932-38.
Gustave Louis Sauvant, 1938-47 (acting)
Maj.-Gen. Ralph Burgess Gibson CB CBE VD, 1947-60.
Allan J. MacLeod, 1960-70.
Paul A. Faguy, 1970-75.
André Therrien, 1975-77.
Don Yeomans, 1977-85.
Rhéal J. Leblanc, 1985-88.
Ole Ingstrup (1st time), 1988-92.
John Edwards, 1992-96.
Ole Ingstrup (2nd time), 1996-2000.
Lucie McClung, 2000-05.
Keith Coulter, 2005-08.
Don Head, 2008-now.


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