Better know a Canadian functionary: the President of the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

In World War II, as you likely know, a lot more factories opened to make guns and battleships and stuff. But that meant a lot of people had to move into the towns where the factories were, so they needed places to live. In 1941 the federal government established Wartime Housing Ltd. (WHL) to build a number of workers’ houses and public amenities, including the entire city of Ajax.

In 1946 WHL was dissolved and became the Central Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), a Crown Corporation focusing on building affordable housing for veterans. The National Housing Act of 1954 changed the CMHC’s mandate from directly financing house construction to providing mortgage insurance and funding urban renewal projects. Much like the FHA in the US, the CMHC also finances low-income home renovations, and works co-operatively with the NRC to research advancements in housing design and technology.

The CMHC’s name was changed to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation in 1979.

The presidents of WHL and the CMHC have been:

Joseph Michael Pigott CBE, 1941-46.
David B. Mansur CBE, 1946-54.
Stewart Bates, 1954-64.
Herbert W. Hignett MBE, 1964-73.
William Teron OC, 1973-76.
Raymond Hession, 1976-82.
Raymond Boivin, 1982-83 (acting)
Robert C. Montreuil, 1983-86.
George D. Anderson, 1986-92.
Eugene A. Flichel, 1992-95.
Marc Rochon, 1995-2000.
Jean-Claude Villiard, 2000-03.
Karen Kinsley, 2003-13.
Douglas A. Stewart, 2013-14 (acting)
Evan Siddall, 2014-now.


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