Better know a Canadian functionary: the Chair of the Canada Council for the Arts

The Canada Council for the Arts, alone among the many councils of Canada to be known as the Canada Council, was established as a Crown Corporation in 1957 primarily to dole out grants to good little boys and girls who want to make commercially unpopular yet culturally important art. The Canada Council also co-ordinates the Killam Research Fellowships and the annual Governor-General’s Literary Awards, Awards in Visual and Media Arts, and Performing Arts Awards, and runs the Art Bank, which leases domestically-produced art to offices.

The Chairs of the Canada Council have been:

The Hon. Brian Brooke Claxton PC DCM, 1957-60.
Claude Thomas Bissell CC, 1960-62.
Col. Douglas Black Weldon, 1962-64.
Jean Martineau CC, 1964-69.
John G. Prentice, 1969-74.
Brian Flemming, 1974-75 (acting)
Gertrude Mary Laing, 1975-78.
James Mavor Moore CC, 1979-83.
Maureen Kathleen Stewart Forrester CC, 1983-88.
Allan Gotlieb CC, 1989-94.
Donna Scott, 1994-98.
Jean-Louis Roux CC, 1998-2004.
Karen Alexandria Kain CC, 2004-08.
Joseph Louis Rotman OC, 2008-2015.
Pierre Lassonde CM, 2015-now.


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