Better know a Canadian functionary: the Commissioner of the RCMP

The Commissioners of the NWMP, the RNWMP and the RCMP.

The Commissioners of the NWMP, the RNWMP and the RCMP.

Here are the Commissioners of Canada’s famous national police service: the North West Mounted Police from 1873 to 1908, the Royal Northwest Mounted Police from 1908 to 1920 and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police from 1920 to the present. The Commissioner of the RCMP is also the Principal Commander of the Order of Merit of the Police Forces (since 2000) and the Commissioner of Firearms of Canada (since 1995).

Lt.-Col. William Osborne Smith, Sept. 25-Oct. 17, 1873.
Maj.-Gen. Sir George Arthur French KCMG, 1873-76.
Lt.-Col. James Farquharson MacLeod, 1876-80.
Lt.-Col. Acheson Gosford Irvine ISO, 1880-86.
Col. Lawrence William Herchmer, 1886-1900.
Maj.-Gen. Aylesworth Bowen Perry CMG, 1900-23.
Cortlandt Starnes, 1923-31.
Maj.-Gen. Sir James Howden MacBrien KCB CMG DSO, 1931-38.
Stuart Taylor Wood CMG, 1938-51.
Leonard Hanson Nicholson OC MBE, 1951-59.
Charles Edward Rivett-Carnac, 1959-60.
Clifford Walter Harvison, 1960-63.
George Brinton McClellan, Jr. CM OBE DFC CD, 1963-67.
Malcolm Francis Aylesworth Lindsay, 1967-69.
William Leonard Higgitt, 1969-73.
Maurice Jean Nadon, 1974-77.
Robert Henry Simmonds OC, 1977-87.
Norman David Inkster OC, 1987-94.
Joseph Philip Robert Murray, 1994-2000.
Giuliano Zaccardelli COM, 2000-06.
Beverley Ann Busson COM (interim), 2006-07.
William John Shannon Elliott COM, 2007-11.
Bob Paulson COM, 2011-now.



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  2. RCMP CM

    Soldier (who sold his commission), turned farmer, then brewmaster, and Indian agent, Herchmer (1886-1900) was the first civilian Commissioner of the RCMP (then NWMP), not William Elliott. And although embroiled in controversy, and helming a police service low on morale, Herchmer actually did the job he was selected to perform.

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