Better know a Canadian functionary: the Superintendent of Bankruptcy

The federal government of Canada first established bankruptcy regulations under the Insolvency Act of 1869. It was repealed in 1880, when Parliament chose to give the power to regulate bankruptcy to the provinces, only to take it back almost 40 years later by passing the Bankruptcy Act of 1919. Once the Depression hit, bankruptcies increased sharply, and the Act was amended in 1932 to create a Superintendent of Bankruptcy, with the power to license trustees in bankruptcy and ensure the competent and equitable carrying out of bankruptcy proceedings in Canada.

Before 1969, bankruptcy was a domain of the Department of Justice. It was moved to the Department of Consumer & Corporate Affairs in 1969, then to the Department of Industry in 1993.

The Superintendents of Bankruptcy of Canada have been:

W.J. Reilly, 1932-46
E.H. Coleman, 1946-47
Robert Forsyth, 1947-49
Thomas D. Macdonald, 1949-50
A.J. MacLeod, 1950-54
A.H.M. Laidlaw, 1954-55
J.S. Larose, 1955-65
Roger Tassé, 1965-68
Raymond Landry, 1968-79
Jacques B. Brazeau, 1979-82
Yves Pigeon, 1982-90
Walter Clare, 1990-91
George Redling, 1991-97
Marc Mayrand, 1997-2007
James Callon, 2007-2011
William James, 2011-now


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