Better know a Canadian institution: the Treasury Board

The Treasury Board is a committee of the Cabinet (the only one whose existence is mandated by law) controlling all aspects of the civil service. It is composed of ten Cabinet ministers: a President, Vice President, five regular members (one of whom is always the Minister of Finance) and three ministers as designated alternates to sit in the case of conflicts of interest with the regular members. Before 1966 the Board was an division of the Department of Finance, with the Minister of Finance as permanent President; in 1966 the Treasury Board Secretariat became a separate governmental department and the President of the Treasury Board was given a Cabinet seat in its own right. The Board’s chief civil servant, the Secretary of the Treasury Board, became the Secretariat’s deputy minister.

In 1969 the Secretariat took over and disbanded the federal government’s existing organ of probity, the Finance Department’s Comptroller of the Treasury, which was established in 1931 pursuant to the Consolidated Revenue and Audit Act of that year. It was re-established in the Secretariat in 1978 as the Comptroller-General of Canada, responsible for fiscal responsibility, internal audits and asset management. From 1993 to 2003 the offices of Secretary and Comptroller were invested in a single person, with many of responsibilities of the latter being delegated to a Deputy Comptroller-General.

The Secretaries of the Treasury Board of Canada have been:

George F. Davidson, 1966-68
Simon Reisman, 1968-70
Albert W. Johnson, 1970-73
Gordon Francis Joseph Osbaldeston, 1973-76
Maurice LeClair, 1976-79
John L. Manion, 1979-86
Gerald Veilleux, 1986-89
Ian Clark, 1989-94
Robert Giroux, 1994-95
V. Peter Harder, 1995-2000
Frank Claydon, 2000-02
Jim Judd, 2002-04
Wayne G. Wouters, 2004-09
Michelle d’Auray, 2009-12
Yaprak Baltacıoğlu, 2012-now

The Comptrollers of the Treasury of Canada were:

R. Watson Sellar, 1931-42
B.G. McIntyre, 1942-58
Herbert R. Balls, 1958-69

The Comptrollers-General of Canada have been:

Harry Rogers, 1978-84
Michael H. Rayner, 1985-87
Andy Macdonald, 1987-93
Ian Clark, 1993-94
Robert Giroux, 1994-95
V. Peter Harder, 1995-2000
Frank Claydon, 2000-02
Jim Judd, 2002-03
Charles-Antoine St-Jean, 2003-07
Rod Monette, 2007-09
James Ralston, 2009-now

And the Deputy Comptrollers-General during the union of Secretary and Comptroller were:

W.E.R. Little, 1993-96
Colin Potts, 1996-99
Richard Neville, 1999-2003


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