Better know a Canadian functionary: the Master of the Mint

In 1908, the Royal Mint of the UK opened the Ottawa Mint to mint coins for use in Canada, in the fine castle-like stone building on Sussex Drive that it occupies to this day. (Before that, Canadian coins had been minted in Birmingham, in England, since the Canadian dollar was established in 1858.)

By 1911 the Mint started refining gold, although it would not have the facilities to refine silver until 2006. The Royal Canadian Mint became independent of the Royal Mint in 1931 and became a Crown Corporation in 1969, with its facilities for producing everyday pocket change moved to a new factory in Winnipeg in 1976. The title of the Master of the Mint has been held by its CEO since 1969.

The Masters of the Ottawa Mint and the Royal Canadian Mint have been:

James Bonar 1908-19
Arthur H.W. Cleave 1919-25
John Honeyford Campbell 1925-37
Henry Edward Ewart 1938-44
Alfred Percy Williams (acting) 1946-47
Walter Clifton Ronson 1947-53
Alfred Percy Williams 1953-59
Norval Alexander Parker 1959-68
E.F. Brown (acting) 1968-70
Gordon Ward Hunter 1970-75
Yvon Gariepy 1975-81
D.M. Cudahy (acting) 1981-82
James C. Corkery 1982-86
M.A.J. Lafontaine 1986-93
M.R. Hubbard 1993-94
Danielle Wetherup 1994-2002
Emmanuel Triassi (acting) 2002-03
David “Entitled to My Entitlements” Dingwall 2003-05
Marguerite Nadeau (acting) 2005-06
Ian E. Bennett 2006-now


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