Better know a Canadian functionary: the Surveyor-General

The Surveyor-General of Canada is an official of the Department of Natural Resources. He has ultimate control over all geographical surveys in Canada and as such is one of the penultimate arbiters of property rights in the country. The first Surveyor-General in Canada was Charles Morris, appointed to survey Nova Scotia in 1749.

The modern office was established 1871 to execute the Dominion Lands Survey, the monumental effort to survey Rupert’s Land, which is now Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta.

The Surveyors-General of Canada have been:

Lt.-Col. John Stoughton Dennis CMG 1871-78
Lindsay Russell 1878-85
Édouard Gaston Deville 1885-1924
Frederic Hatheway Peters OBE 1924-48
Bruce Waugh 1948-53
Robert M. Thistlethwaite 1953-72
David Robert Slessor 1972-78
William Vacy Blackie 1978-85
Gérard Raymond 1985-95
Michael Jefferies O’Sullivan 1995-2005
Peter J. Sullivan 2005-now



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