A listing of extinct British peerages

The following is an annotated and thorough (but not explicitly encyclopedical) guide to

Extinct British Peerages

These listings show the last instance of the given title being used. Almost all titles have gone extinct at some point, only to be reassigned later. These are titles that have yet to be reassigned, with the year they went extinct.

* denotes a member of the Royal Family.

**denotes the title was annulled upon merger with the Crown, i.e. its holder became King.

~ denotes title is in abeyance; although legitimate claimants to the title may exist, it would be so difficult to prove descent that it would be practically impossible.

If I missed any, let me know in the comments!


Peerage of England/GB/UK

Duke of Warwick 1446

Duke of Clarence 1478*

Duke of Monmouth 1685

Duke of Buckingham 1687

Duke of Albemarle 1688

Duke of Ormonde 1715 (attainted) (1)

Duke of Shrewsbury 1718

Duke of Shomberg 1719

Duke of Wharton 1731

Duchess of Portsmouth 1734 (2)

Duke of Buckingham and Normanby 1735

Duke of Greenwich 1743

Duchess of Kendal 1743 (3)

Duke of Cumberland 1765*

Duke of Newcastle-upon-Tyne 1768

Duke of Kingston-upon-Hull 1773

Duke of Southampton 1774

Duke of Chandos 1789

Duke of Cumberland and Strathearn 1790*

Duke of Montagu 1790

Duke of Bolton 1794

Duke of Bridgewater 1803

Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven 1809

Duke of York and Albany 1827*

Duke of Clarence and St. Andrews 1830**

Duke of Sussex 1843*

Duke of Dorset 1843

Duchess of Inverness 1873 (4)

Duke of Buckingham and Chandos 1889

Duke of Cleveland 1891

Duke of Clarence and Avondale 1892*

Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale 1919* (Peerages Deprivation Act) (5)

Duke of Albany 1919* (Peerages Deprivation Act) (5)

Duke of Connaught and Strathearn 1943*

Duke of Leeds 1964

Duke of Windsor 1972*

Duke of Newcastle-under-Lyne 1988

Duke of Portland 1990

Peerage of Scotland

Duke of Ross 1515*

Duke of Kintyre and Lorne 1602*

Duke of Rothes 1681

Duke of Lauderdale 1682

Duke of Douglas 1761

Peerage of Ireland

Duke of Ormonde 1758 (de jure) (1)


Peerage of England/GB/UK

Marquess of Berkeley 1492

Marquess of Pembroke 1536* (6)

Marquess of Halifax 1700

Marquess of Harwich 1719

Marquess of Powis 1748

Marquess of Dorchester 1773

Marquess of Rockingham 1782

Marquess Grey 1797

Marquess Cornwallis 1823

Marquess of Dalhousie 1860

Marquess of Hastings 1868

Marquess of Breadalbane 1922

Marquess of Ripon 1923

Marquess Curzon of Kedleston 1925

Marquess of Lincolnshire 1928

Marquess of Crewe 1945

Marquess of Carisbrooke 1960*

Marquess of Carmarthen 1964

Marquess of Willingdon 1979

Marquess of Cambridge 1981*

Marquess of Dufferin and Ava 1988

Marquess of Ormonde 1997

Peerage of Scotland

Marquess of Annandale 1792

Marquess of Ormond 1625**

Peerage of Ireland

Marquess of Antrim 1791

Marquess of Ormonde 1820

Marquess Wellesley 1842

Marquess of Thomond 1855

Marquess of Westmeath 1871

Marquess of Drogheda 1892

Marquess of Clanricarde 1916


Peerage of England/GB/UK

Earl of Cornwall 1336

Earl of Hereford 1373~

Earl of Totnes 1629

Earl of Banbury 1632

Earl of Cumberland 1643

Earl Rivers 1650

Earl of Cleveland 1667

Earl of Dover 1677

Earl of Newport 1679

Earl of Conway 1683

Earl of St. Albans 1684

Earl of Buckingham 1687

Earl of Oxford 1703~

Earl of Bolingbroke 1711

Earl of Torrington 1716

Earl of Brentford 1719

Earl Castleton 1723

Earl of Godolphin 1731

Earl of Scarsdale 1736

Earl of Wilmington 1743

Earl of Rockingham 1746

Earl Clinton 1751

Earl of Rochester 1753

Earl of Grantham 1754

Earl FitzWalter 1756

Earl of Holland 1759

Earl of Anglesey 1761

Earl Coningsby 1761

Earl of Stafford 1762

Earl of Southampton 1774

Earl of Holderness 1778

Countess of Walsingham 1778 (7)

Earl Lingonier 1782

Earl of Malton 1782

Earl of Northington 1786

Earl Beaulieu 1802

Earl Fauconburg 1802

Earl of Dorchester 1808

Earl of Bath 1808

Earl of Peterborough 1814

Earl of Monmouth 1814

Earl of St. Vincent 1823

Earl Whitworth 1825

Earl of Bridgewater 1829

Earl of Rochford 1830

Earl Harcourt 1830

Earl of Chatham 1835

Earl of Norwich 1836

Earl of Dorset 1843

Earl of Middlesex 1843

Earl of Egremont 1845

Earl of Thanet 1849

Earl of Auckland 1849

Earl of Falmouth 1852

Earl Cornwallis 1852

Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer 1853 (8)

Earl Digby 1856

Earl FitzHardinge 1857

Earl of Harborough 1859

Earl Canning 1862

Earl of Pomfret 1867

Earl of Ellenborough 1871

Earl of Beaconsfield 1881

Earl of Warrington 1883

Earl Somers 1883

Earl of St. Maur 1885

Earl of Redesdale 1886

Earl Sydney 1890

Earl of Darlington 1891

Earl of Kent 1900*

Earl of Ravensworth 1904

Earl Cowper 1905

Earl de Montalt 1905

Earl Egerton 1909

Earl Brassey 1919

Earl Brownlow 1921

Earl Farquhar 1923

Earl Loreburn 1923

Earl of Ashburnham 1924

Earl of Northbrook 1929

Earl of Lathom 1930

Earl of Orford 1931

Earl of Camperdown 1933

Earl of Dartrey 1933

Earl Buxton 1934

Earl of Londesborough 1937

Countess Cave of Richmond 1938 (9)

Earl of Berkeley 1942

Earl of Sussex 1943*

Earl Wavell 1953

Earl Manvers 1955

Earl Roberts 1955

Earl Jowitt 1957

Earl of Athlone 1957*

Earl of Feversham 1963

Earl of Danby 1964

Earl Alexander of Hillsborough 1965

Earl of Chesterfield 1967

Earl Stanhope 1967

Earl of Kilmuir 1967

Earl Poulett 1973

Earl of Stamford 1976

Earl of Midleton 1979

Earl Beauchamp 1979

Earl of Ancaster 1983

Earl of Birkenhead 1985

Earl of Avon 1985

Earl of Ypres 1988

Earl Amherst 1993

Earl Sondes 1996

Earl of Munster 2000

Earl of Halsbury 2010

Earl Kitchener of Khartoum 2011

Peerage of Scotland

Earl of Ross 1625**

Earl of Irvine 1645

Earl of Dirletoun 1650

Earl of Forth 1651

Earl of Annandale 1658

Earl of Teviot 1664

Earl of Downe 1668

Earl of Hartfell 1672

Earl of Tarras 1693

Earl of Airth 1694

Earl of Menteith 1694

Earl of Melfort 1695 (attainted) (10)

Earl of Middleton 1695 (attainted) (10)

Earl of Forfar 1715

Earl of Ormond 1715

Earl of Panmure 1716 (attainted) (11)

Earl of Kilmarnock 1746 (attainted) (12)

Earl of Wigtown 1747

Earl of Dumbarton 1749

Earl of Marchmont 1794

Earl of Deloraine 1807

Earl of Ruglen 1810

Earl of Findlater 1811

Earl of Portmore 1835

Earl of Traquair 1861

Earl of Carnwath 1941

Peerage of Ireland

Earl of Leinster 1659

Earl of Gowran 1677

Earl of Ardglass 1687

Earl of Castlemaine 1705

Earl of Ranelagh 1711

Earl of Carbery 1713

Earl of Galway 1720

Earl of Carlingford 1738

Earl of Mount Alexander 1757

Earl of Catherlough 1772

Earl of Thomond 1774

Earl of Castlehaven 1777

Earl of Seaforth 1781

Earl Panmure 1782

Earl of Ely 1783

Earl of Shipbrook 1783

Earl Tylney 1784

Earl Wandesford 1784

Earl Verney 1791

Earl of Clanbrassil 1798

Earl of Louth 1799

Earl of Bellomont 1800

Earl Grandison 1800

Earl of Mountrath 1802

Earl of Clermont 1806

Earl Macartney 1806

Earl of Belvedere 1814

Earl of Glandore 1815

Earl of Massereene1816

Earl of Upper Ossory 1818

Earl of Barrymore 1823

Earl of Farnham 1823

Earl of Blessington 1829

Earl of Carhampton 1829

Earl Landaff 1833

Earl O’Neill 1841

Earl Ludlow 1842

Earl of Athlone 1844

Earl of Mountnorris 1844

Earl of Kilkenny 1846

Earl of Rathdowne 1848

Earl of Roscommon 1850

Earl of Tyrconnell 1853

Earl of Glengall 1858

Earl of Clare 1864

Earl of Charleville 1875

Earl of Aldborough 1875

Earl Nugent 1889

Earl of Bantry 1891

Earl of Milltown 1891

Earl of Charlemont 1892

Earl of Carysfort 1909

Earl of Howth 1909

Earl Fife 1912

Earl Mount Cashell 1915

Earl of Desart 1934

Earl of Clonmell 1935

Earl of Kenmare  1952

Earl of Leitrim 1952

Earl of Sefton 1972

Earl of Wicklow 1978

Earl of Bandon 1979

Earl Fitzwilliam 1979

Earl of Fingall 1984

Earl of Ormonde 1997

Earl of Lanesborough 1998

Earl of Dunraven and Mount-Earl 2011

Earl of Egmont 2011


Peerage of England/GB/UK

Viscount Lovell 1488? (13)

Viscount Welles 1498

Viscount Beaumont 1507

Viscount Howard of Bindon 1611

Viscount St Alban 1626

Viscount Dorchester 1632

Viscount Wimbledon 1638

Viscount Bayning of Sudbury 1638

Viscount Purbeck 1657

Viscount Stafford 1680 (attainted) (14)

Viscount Lisle 1743

Viscount Lonsdale 1751

Viscount Hatton 1762

Viscount Saye and Sele 1781

Viscount Keppel 1786

Viscount Montagu 1797

Viscount Nelson 1805

Viscount Fauconberg 1815

Viscount Keith 1823

Viscount Courtenay of Powderham 1835

Viscount Lake 1848

Viscount Ponsonby 1855

Viscount Beresford 1856

Viscount Maynard 1865

Viscountess Beaconsfield 1872 (15)

Viscount Ossington 1873

Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe 1880

Viscount Hughenden 1881

Viscount Cardwell 1886

Viscount Lyons 1887

Viscount Eversley 1888

Viscount Sherbrooke 1892

Viscount Oxenbridge 1898

Viscount Llandaff 1913

Viscount Alverstone 1915

Viscount Sandhurst 1921

Viscount Bryce 1922

Viscount Northcliffe 1922

Viscount Morley of Blackburn 1923

Viscount Pirrie 1924

Viscount Milner 1925

Viscount Cave of Richmond 1928

Viscount Haldane 1928

Viscount Gladstone 1930

Viscount Grey of Fallodon 1933

Viscount Burnham 1933

Viscount Novar 1934

Viscount Sumner 1934

Viscount Byng of Vimy 1935

Viscount Wolseley 1936

Viscount Snowden 1937

Viscount Horne of Slamannan 1940

Viscount Canterbury 1941

Viscount D’Abernon 1941

Viscount Wakefield 1941

Viscount Dunedin 1942

Viscount Wolverhampton 1943

Viscount Plumer 1944

Viscount Dawson of Penn 1945

Viscount Finlay 1945

Viscount Southwood 1946

Viscount Bennett 1947

Viscount Lee of Fareham 1947

Viscount Sankey 1948

Viscount Tredegar 1949

Viscount Bertie of Thame 1954

Viscount Cherwell 1957

Viscount Bracken 1958

Viscount Cecil of Chelwood 1958

Viscount Rhondda 1958

Viscount Ruffside 1958

Viscount Templewood 1959

Viscount Cilcennin 1960

Viscount Crookshank 1961

Viscount Elibank 1962

Viscount FitzAlan of Derwent 1962

Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope 1963

Viscount Hudson 1963

Viscount Hyndley 1963

Viscount Nuffield 1963

Viscount Hewart 1964

Viscount Bruce of Melbourne 1967

Viscount Portal of Hungerford 1971

Viscount Simonds 1971

Viscount Radcliffe 1977

Viscount Harcourt 1979

Viscount Amory 1981

Viscount Chaplin 1981

Viscount Maugham 1981

Viscount Hall 1985

Viscount Ward of Witley 1988

Viscount Muirshiel 1992

Viscount Monsell 1993

Viscount Furness 1995

Viscount Watkinson 1995

Viscount Tonypandy 1997

Viscount Lambert 1999

Viscount Whitelaw 1999

Viscount Leverhulme 2000

Viscount Greenwood 2003

Viscount Cross 2004

Viscount Ingleby 2008

Peerage of Scotland

Viscount of Melgum 1630

Viscount of Belhaven 1639

Viscount Aboyne 1649

Viscount Teviot 1711

Viscount Newhaven 1728

Viscount Preston 1739

Viscount of Primrose 1741

Viscount of Irvine 1778

Viscount of Kenmure 1847~

Peerage of Ireland

Viscount Clontarf 1547

Viscount Butler of Tulleophelim 1613

Viscount Somerset 1649

Viscount Monson 1660 (degraded) (16)

Viscount Bellomont 1667

Viscount Baltinglass 1672

Viscount Tara 1674

Viscount Ogle 1682

Viscount Brouncker 1688

Viscount Hewett 1689

Viscount Clanmalier 1691

Viscount Chaworth 1693

Viscount Beaumont of Swords 1702

Viscount Decies 1704

Viscount Carrington 1706

Viscount Fitzhardinge 1712

Viscount Fanshawe 1716

Viscount Scudamore 1716

Viscount Blesington 1732

Viscount Micklethwaite 1734

Viscount Shannon 1740

Viscount Tyrconnel 1754

Viscount Blundell 1756

Viscount Fane 1766

Viscount Fairfax of Emley 1772

Viscount Clare 1788

Viscount Vane  1789

Viscount Langford 1796

Viscount Tracy 1797

Viscount Wenman 1800

Viscount Bateman 1802

Viscount Longueville 1811

Viscount Bulkeley 1822

Viscount Newcomen 1825

Viscount Carleton 1826

Viscount Clermont 1829

Viscount Kilwarden 1830

Viscount FitzWilliam 1833

Viscount Barnewall 1834

Viscount Castlemaine 1839

Viscount Preston 1842

Viscount Allen 1845

Viscount Carlingford 1853

Viscount Melbourne 1853

Viscount Dungannon 1855

Viscount O’Neill 1855

Viscount Palmerston 1865

Viscount Strangford 1869

Viscount Netterville 1882

Viscount Ranelagh 1885

Viscount Lismore 1898

Viscount Cullen 1938

Viscount Mount Cashell 1915

Viscount Frankfort de Montmorency 1917

Viscount Mountmorres 1951

Viscount Guillamore 1955

Viscount Clifden 1974

Viscount Templetown 1981

Viscount Barrington 1990

Viscount Lanesborough 1998

Baronies and Lordships of Parliament

Peerage of England/GB/UK

Baron Montagu 1538 (attainted) (17)

Baron Belasyse 1713

Baron Torrington 1719

Baron Lechmere 1727

Baron Lansdowne 1735

Baron Mansel 1750

Baron Raymond 1756

Baron Anson 1762

Baron Melcombe 1762

Baron Langdale of Holme 1777

Baron Archer 1778

Baron Hume of Berwick 1794

Baron Perth 1800

Baron Camelford 1804

Baron Chedworth 1804

Baron Delaval 1808

Baron Collingwood 1810

Baron Heathfield 1813

Baron Stawell 1820

Baron Glastonbury 1825

Baron Amesbury 1832

Baron Gambier 1833

Baron Grenville 1834

Baron de Dunstanville 1835

Baron Stowell 1836

Baron Selsey 1838

Baron Sydenham 1841

Baron Rolle 1842

Baron Lynedoch 1843

Baron Wallace 1844

Baron Western 1844

Baron Montagu of Boughton 1845

Baron Stuart de Rothesay 1845

Baron Metcalfe 1846

Baron Carteret 1849

Baron Bexley 1851

Baron Langdale 1851

Baron Dinorben 1852

Baron Colborne 1854

Baron Basset 1855

Baron Alvanley 1857

Baron Macaulay 1859

Baron Clyde 1863

Baron Lyndhurst 1863

Baron Bayning 1864

Baron Glenelg 1866

Baron Ponsonby of Imokilly 1866

Baron Kingsdown 1867

Baron Llanover 1867

Baron Dunfermline 1868

Baron Broughton 1869

Baron Taunton 1869

Baron Wenman 1870

Baron Dalling and Bulwer 1872

Baron Marjoribanks 1873

Baron Colonsay 1874

Baron Stuart de Decies 1874

Baron Lisgar 1876

Baron Lanerton 1880

Baron Rivers 1880

Baron Hanmer 1881

Baron Hatherley 1881

Baron Overstone 1883

Baron Strathnairn 1885

Baron Farnborough 1886

Baron Waveney 1886

Baron Northwick 1887

Baron Blachford 1889

Baron Crewe 1894

Baron de Tabley 1895

Baron Dover 1899

Baron Penzance 1899

Baron Truro 1899

Baron Keane 1901

Baroness Burdett-Coutts 1906 (18)

Baron Kelvin 1907

Baron Lister 1912

Baron Gwydyr 1915

Baron Kesteven 1915

Baron FitzHardinge 1916

Baron Colchester 1919

Baron Seaforth 1923

Baron Abercromby 1924

Baron Ribblesdale 1925

Baron Bateman 1931

Baron Emly 1932

Baron Wenlock 1932

Baron Castletown 1937

Baron Tenterden 1939

Baron Alington 1940

Baron Bingley 1947

Baron Berwick 1953

Baron Seaton 1955

Baron Egerton 1958

Baron Tredegar 1962

Baron Dorchester 1963

Baron Nugent 1973

Baron Romilly 1983

Baron Ormathwaite 1984

Baron St Leonards 1985

Baron Sherborne 1985

Baron Greville 1987

Baron Lurgan 1991

Baron Calthorpe 1997

Peerage of Scotland

Lord Lyle 1551

Lord Haliburton of Dirleton 1584 (attainted) (19)

Lord Pittenweem 1625

Lord Barrett of Newburgh 1645

Lord Ochiltree 1675

Lord Abercrombie 1681

Lord Cramond 1735

Lord Balmerino 1746 (attainted) (20)

Lord Coupar 1746 (attainted) (20)

Lord Oliphant 1748

Lord Aston of Forfar 1751 (disputed; possibly 1845) (21)

Lord Ross 1754

Lord Cranstoun 1869

Lord Duffus 1875

Lord Blantyre 1900

Lord Kinnaird 1997

Peerage of Ireland

Baron Portlester 1496

Baron Glean-O’Mallun 1622

Baron Balfour of Glenawley 1636

Baron Hervey 1642

Baron Esmonde 1646

Baron Dockwra 1647

Baron Chichester of Belfast 1675

Baron Bourke of Brittas 1691 (attainted) (22)

Baron Bourke of Castleconnell 1691 (attainted) (22)

Baron Herbert of Castle Island 1691

Baron Shelburne 1696

Baron Cutts 1707

Baron Gorges of Dundalk 1712

Baron Folliott 1716

Baron Brereton 1722

Baron Ferrard 1731

Baron Darcy of Navan 1733

Baron Wyndham 1745

Baron Barry of Santry 1751

Baron Sundon 1752

Baron Ranelagh 1754

Baron Kingsborough 1755

Baron Blakeney 1761

Baron Bellew of Duleek 1770

Baron Baltimore 1771

Baron St George 1775

Baron de Montalt 1777

Baron Pigot 1777

Baron Eyre 1781

Baron Fortescue of Credan 1781

Baron Tracton 1782

Baron Waltham 1787

Baron Hawley 1790

Baron Newhaven 1794

Baron Holmes 1804

Baron Lavington 1807

Baroness Fermanagh 1810 (23)

Baron Lecale 1810

Baron Callan 1815

Baron Tara 1821

Baron Tyrawley 1821

Baron Glenbervie 1823

Baron Keith 1823

Baron Eardley 1824

Baron Whitworth 1825

Baron Hartland 1845

Baron Mount Sandford 1846

Baron Rancliffe 1850

Baron Montfort 1851

Baron FitzGerald and Vesey 1860

Baron Riversdale 1861

Baron Downes 1863

Baron Howden 1873

Baron Blayney 1874

Baron Ongley 1877

Baron Bloomfield 1879

Baron Rokeby 1883

Baron Sydney 1890

Baron Clermont 1898

Baron Dunsandle and Clanconal 1911

Baron Muncaster 1917

Baron de Blaquiere 1920

Baron Wallscourt 1920

Baron Clonbrock 1926

Baron Athlumney 1929

Baron Cloncurry 1929

Baron Clarina 1952

Baron Radstock 1953

Baron Pierrepont 1955

Baron Teignmouth 1981

Baron Headley 1994


(1) James Butler, 12th Earl of Ormonde, was made Duke of Ormonde in the peerages of England and Ireland for his service fighting Cromwell’s forces in Ireland for the Royalists. His son, the 2nd duke, was stripped of his titles for his support of the First Jacobite Rebellion in 1715 by a bill of attainder (an act of parliament that declares a person guilty of a crime and imposes punishment). However, a court case in 1791 involving the 17th Earl of Ormonde found the bill only applied to the Duke’s English titles, and not his Irish ones. This means the 2nd Duke’s brother Charles had been de jure the 3rd Duke of Ormonde in the Irish peerage, though he made no claim to it in his life. The dukedom died with him in 1758.

(2) A mistress of Charles II, she was given the title in her own right, and died with her.

(3) A mistress of George I, she was given the title in her own right, and died with her.

(4) The second wife of Prince Augustus, Duke of Sussex, their marriage contravened the Royal Marriages Act of 1774 and she was therefore not allowed to be styled a princess or the Duchess of Sussex. Queen Victoria granted her the title of Duchess of Inverness after Sussex’s death.

(5) The Peerages Deprivation Act of 1917 permits Parliament to strip peers of their titles if they side with an enemy country in wartime. This was applied in 1919 to the Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale (King of Hanover and grandson of Victoria’s uncle Prince Ernest) and the Duke of Albany (Prince of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and son of Victoria’s fourth son Prince Leopold), who sided with Germany in World War I. However, the terms of the Act state that their heirs may petition Parliament for the restoration of their titles.

(6) Henry VIII made Anne Boleyn the Marquess of Pembroke shortly before their marriage, the first English woman made a peer in her own right. The title was either forfeited on her conviction for treason in 1536 or died out upon her execution that same year, but some scholars argue it merged with the Crown when she became Queen in 1533.

(7) George I’s illegitimate daughter with the Duchess of Kendal.

(8)The title’s name is “Oxford and Earl Mortimer”, due to the outstanding claim by relatives of the de Vere family that legitimate heirs of the Earldom of Oxford, dormant since 1703, may still exist.

(9) Sir George Cave served as Home Secretary under Lloyd George and became the 1st Viscount Cave in 1918. He then served as Lord Chancellor  under Baldwin from 1922 to 1924 and 1924 to 1928. His candidacy for an earldom was declared in 1928 upon receipt of his resignation as Lord Chancellor. Cave announced his resignation on 28 March 1928, to be approved the following day. However, on 29 March 1928 Cave died at his home in Somerset. it was decided to give the earldom to his widow, which went extinct when she died childless in 1938.

(10) The earls of Melfort and Middleton were attainted for their continued support of James II after the Glorious Revolution. They went with him in exile to France and continued to advise the Old Pretender.

(11) Attainted for opposing George I in the First Jacobite Rebellion.

(12) The 4th Earl of Kilmarnock was attainted and executed in 1746 for his support of the Second Jacobite Rebellion.

(13) The 1st Viscount Lovell was a lifelong friend and supporter of Richard III, and fled England after Richard’s defeat at Bosworth Field in 1485; the last known record of his existence is a letter from James IV of Scotland offering him safe passage, dating from 1488. The year and circumstances of his death are totally unknown, although it is certain he left no legitimate male heirs.

(14) Lord Stafford was attainted and executed in 1680 after being found guilty of conspiring to assassinate Charles II, a victim of the larger conspiracy of anti-Catholic hysteria fabricated by the clergyman Titus Oates now known as the Popish Plot. Oates was later found guilty of perjury and imprisoned.

(15) Queen Victoria bestowed the title of Viscountess Beaconsfield upon Mary Disraeli so she could enjoy the social benefits of the peerage without her husband, prime minister Benjamin Disraeli, giving up his seat in the House of Commons. Benjamin Disraeli was created Earl of Beaconsfield in 1876, four years after Mary’s death.

(16) The Viscount Monson was one of the judicial commissioners to sign the death warrant of Charles I in 1649. Upon the Restoration in 1660 Parliament passed the Act of Indemnity and Oblivion, which named Lord Monson, among others, as being responsible for the regicide of Charles I. For this crime he was degraded from his titles (as he had no heir, they went extinct) and sentenced to life imprisonment, where he died in 1672.

(17) Henry Pole, 1st Baron Montagu, was attainted in 1538 and executed in 1539 by Henry VIII, ostensibly for treason but more likely because Pole was one of the few surviving Plantagenets and therefore a legitimate claimant to the throne. His brother, Reginald Pole, was the last Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury and had already fled England for opposing the divorce of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon.

(18) Angela Burdett-Coutts was made a baroness by Queen Victoria in 1871 in recognition of her many charitable works, one of the very few times a hereditary peerage was awarded to a woman entirely on her own merits.

(19) William Ruthven, 1st Earl of Gowrie and 9th Lord Haliburton of Dirleton, was attainted and executed in 1534 for his role in leading the Ruthven Raid, a plan to abduct James VI of Scotland and impose reforms on the Scottish government.

(20) Arthur Elphinstone, 6th Lord Balmerino and 5th Lord Coupar, was attainted and executed in 1746 for his support of the Second Jacobite Rebellion.

(21) Most authorities agree that the lordship of Aston of Forfar died with the 5th lord in 1751. The lordship is believed theoretically to have then passed on to a descendant of the 1st lord’s uncle, although this descendant never laid claim to the title. The last possible claimant to the lordship died in 1845.

(22) The 3rd Baron Bourke of Brittas and his cousin the 8th Baron Bourke of Castleconnell were attainted in 1691 for opposing William III during the Glorious Revolution.

(23) Mary Verney was the posthumous daughter of the younger son of the 1st Earl Verney, and was created a peer to preserve her social standing. She never married and the title died with her.



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  2. jonathan acworth

    Hi im hoping that you can help me here we have just found out over the past year that my dads cousin was Joan Acworth her children married into the Astley family. Mary Kighley Waldegrave Acworth married Isac Astley Joans daughter through her marriage to Edward Waldegrave.His father was sheriff of Norfolk.Ive later learned that Isac was a Baron of Reading and the current Astley family are Barons.My dad now 77 has no title but related to both Baron Astley and Duke of Bedfordshire as we also have John Russell who was George Acworths 3rd wife Margaret Wilberforce cousin.
    I would like to know with 3 direct lines to royal kings and queens surely my dad and my family should be titled in some capacity but question is how do we get it?

  3. Sarah Smith

    I have found several extinct peerages whilst researching my own family tree and the descendents of Sir William Smythe, Sherrif of Staffordshire. They are;
    Baronet of Hamerton, extinct 1623
    Baker Baronet of Sissinghurst in Kent
    Viscount Hatton of Grendon extinct 1762
    Baron Hatton, extinct 1703
    Tyrell Baronet, Sussex, extinct 1877
    Baron Penshurst of Kent, extinct 1869

    Irish peerages
    ViscountBrounker, extinct 1688
    Baronet Brounker, extinct 1688
    Viscount Strangford
    Viscount Fanshawe , extinct 1716
    Baronet Fanshawe, extinct extinct 1694

    • Jonathan Acworth

      my line seems to be from joan Acworth bulmer are we entitled to a title of some kind and how get it

      On Tue, 1 Jan 2019 at 21:47, Jeremy Turcotte, Trained Journalist wrote:

      > Sarah Smith commented: “Hi, I have found several extinct peerages whilst > researching my own family tree and the descendents of Sir William Smythe, > Sherrif of Staffordshire. They are; Baronet of Hamerton, extinct 1623 Baker > Baronet of Sissinghurst in Kent Viscount Hatton o” >

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